Bankers design a new blockchain that works like bitcoin — but it’s regulated

Bankers design a new blockchain that works like bitcoin — but it’s regulated By Penny Crosman November 28, 2022, 3:52 p.m. A team of technology experts within banks and technology companies have designed an anti-bitcoin. It’s the architectural drawings for a distributed ledger that borrows many of the concepts behind bitcoin. But instead of existing […]

Banks execute transfer on blockchain-enabled network

Customers Bank, Western Alliance Bank and Cogent Bank completed the first transfer of funds Oct. 1 between the banks’ commercial customers using a blockchain-enabled payment network developed by Tassat Group Inc.

Tassat’s blockchain interbank payments network goes live with 3 banks

Today Tassat Group announced the go-live of The Digital Interbank Network for real-time business-to-business payments. Cogent Bank, Customers Bank and Western Alliance Bank started transacting on the private blockchain network on Saturday and completed 400 transactions worth $500 million.

Case Study: TassatPay and CargoSprint

FIXING A GLOBAL PROBLEM Frustrated by global freight market inefficiencies, U.S. licensed customs broker Joshua Wolf started CargoSprint in 2012 to leverage technology and deliver better solutions and outcomes. Headquartered in the U.S., CargoSprint employs the latest technology to improve operations and efficiencies in the global freight market. CargoSprint partners with cargo airlines, waterway shipping […]