Banks execute transfer on blockchain-enabled network

Customers Bank, Western Alliance Bank and Cogent Bank completed the first transfer of funds Oct. 1 between the banks’ commercial customers using a blockchain-enabled payment network developed by Tassat Group Inc.

Tassat’s blockchain interbank payments network goes live with 3 banks

Today Tassat Group announced the go-live of The Digital Interbank Network for real-time business-to-business payments. Cogent Bank, Customers Bank and Western Alliance Bank started transacting on the private blockchain network on Saturday and completed 400 transactions worth $500 million.

Unlocking Blockchain’s Power

Bank Directior Article

The shipping industry is rife with antiquated processes, a problem that Joshua Wolfe, a former U.S. Customs agent and CEO of CargoSprint, has spent the past decade working to solve. Based in Peachtree City, Georgia, CargoSprint facilitates payments between freight forwarders — the company or person organizing a shipment

Using Blockchain to Transform Banking

Tassat Group was founded in 2017 to bring the power of block- chain technology to the banking industry. Our goal has always been to empower banks to compete and win in an increasingly digital global economy. Tassat is currently playing a leading role in the technological modernization and transformation of the banking industry in the United States.

The companies at the forefront of real-time payments

Real-time payment projects are picking up steam in 2022, spurred by a push to support international transactions and an economic environment that places an onus on tying available funds to the time of need.