America Needs Its Small Banks

The SVB collapse raises the specter of Europe-style consolidation, which would make it much harder for entrepreneurs and farms to get credit. By Kevin R. Greene and John Michaelson The recent events surrounding Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank have created unprecedented challenges for the health of community, midsize and regional banks. We are headed […]

Tassat blockchain to join FedNow service with B2B onramp as pilot prepares for launch

Derek Anderson March 14, 2023 The New York-based fintech said it will provide an API to allow clients to access the new Federal Reserve real-time payment service when it premiers. Blockchain operator Tassat announced March 14 that it will provide access to the United States Federal Reserve’s FedNow payment system. FedNow, which will launch as […]

Silvergate And Signature’s Demise May Torpedo A Key Crypto Growth Driver

Emily Mason Forbes Staff Mar 13, 2023,10:35pm EDT The closing of the top two cryptocurrency banks within a matter of days could prove to be a giant setback in the future growth of digital assets. Silvergate and Signature Bank ran pioneering blockchain systems that allowed instant commercial transfers in and out of crypto around the […]

Tassat ® Group Appoints Zain Saidin as Chief Operating Officer

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb 14, 2023– Tassat Group Inc., the leading provider of real-time digital payments solutions for commercial banks and their corporate clients, today announced the appointment of Zain Saidin as Chief Operating Officer. Saidin is a technology operations veteran, bringing over 30 years of technology integration, and strategic business development to Tassat. Prior to […]

Behind Company Lines: Kevin Greene, Chairman & CEO of Tassat

Mr. Kevin Greene is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tassat Group Inc., the leading provider of blockchain-based real-time solutions to banks. He joined the firm in 2017 as a senior Member of the Board and was named Executive Chairman in 2019. Mr. Greene is regarded as a driving force of innovation and progress […]

Banks’ blockchain payment networks are not just for cryptocurrency

The small group of banks providing blockchain-enabled payments are increasingly looking to leverage the technology to support transactions in areas not related to digital assets. For instance, Tassat Group Inc.’s payment network TassatPay was launched in 2019 to support Signature Bank’s Signet, which settles cryptocurrency trading transactions in U.S. dollars. Since then, TassatPay has expanded into traditional […]

Blockchain bank payment solution TassatPay logs $1 trillion transactions

TassatPay, a blockchain payment solution deployed by six U.S. banks, has passed the $1 trillion transaction mark, with $150 billion processed this January alone. The solution launched in 2019 and enables bank balances to be tokenized, supporting 24/7 real-time payments between customers of the same bank. Last year it also launched the Digital Interbank Network with three […]

Supercharging Tassat’s B2B blockchain with FedNow

The new year brings with it the ever-looming inevitability of FedNow. The new payment rail, the first U.S. update on a federal level since the 1970s, will bring real-time payments to the finance sector around the clock. Of course, fintech was already addressing this need but has been held back by the delay in the […]