Digital Asset Exchange:

Delivering novel tradable
products for digital asset markets.

Trusted. Innovative. Regulated.

Exclusively for eligible contract participants, the exchange is the first of its kind to offer leveraged digital asset swaps trading through a proven world-class, secure, CFTC-registered exchange.


Deliverable Swaps

Tassat offers novel derivative products on Bitcoin-USD, including the first leveraged physically deliverable bitcoin swap, which has been self-certified with the CFTC. Derivatives are executed through a CFTC-regulated swap execution facility.

Physical delivery means that Bitcoin will be exchanged for cash at the maturity of the swap, creating a direct pricing linkage to the underlying asset.

Cash Settled Swaps

Tassat intends to list cash settled swaps on Bitcoin, pending self-certification with the CFTC. These contracts will settle to the first-of-its-kind, IOSCO-compliant, OTC reference rate based on contributions from 10+ top-tier digital asset OTC market makers.

Cash settled swaps will allow market participants to get economic exposure to Bitcoin without the need to hold and send coins.



The exchange will feature a central limit order book (CLOB) facilitating price discovery. Future workflows will include a Pre-negotiated Trade (PNT) ticketing facility and Request for Quote (RFQ) platform.


Market participants can access the exchange through our dedicated user interface, directly via FIX APIs or via one of our certified vendor partners.

Central Limit

Order Book (CLOB)

  • All-to-All lit order book—attracts a wide range of approved institutional participants and brings them together in one place to transact
  • Derivatives trading
  • Accessible through an intuitive user interface, directly via FIX APIs or via one of our certified vendor partners
  • Designated Market Maker program



Trade (PNT)

  • Book OTC trades negotiated outside of the exchange
  • Supports both brokered and bilateral trades
  • Full post-trade support including standardized STP, automated SDR reporting and email confirmations


Request for Quote


  • Electronically request prices from one or multiple OTC providers for large trade sizes and bespoke contracts
  • Receive streaming OTC quotes for standardized contracts
  • Execute quickly at the best price for you