On-demand, real time, right
now, anywhere.

Pegged to any fiat currency and backed by bank deposits.

Frictionless Payments

and FX Transfers

Delivering new payment rails to help our partners achieve real time payment and transfer capabilities on a global scale.

What types of payments & transfers does the platform support?

Bank Coins
Fiat Currency Transfers

Platform Benefits


Send and receive digitized fiat currencies instantly and securely


Manage cash flows and balance sheets across large organizations


View and monitor liquidity and balances in real time


Manage access and customize permissions for tighter control

On a global basis, we partner with Banks, Payment Processors, Brokerage Firms and Investment Banks to build platform technology that unlocks value internally and for their customers.

What if you could give your customers these benefits?

A mobile app community that could purchase goods and services, transacting with one another on a peer to peer basis.

Enable your customers to send remittances to their vendors or family members no matter where they happen to be.

The flexibility to make commercial payments directly at any time of day or night, at little to no cost anywhere in the world on a business to business basis — with the assurance that it was received by the right entity.

The ability to perform a frictionless and immediate FX transaction at exactly the same time as completing an international transaction.