Complete transactions
with peace of mind.

Don’t worry about who goes first.

Enhance efficiencies

and reduce risk…

across a range of digitized and natively digital assets.

Settle transactions in an automated and real time manner on a single or across multiple blockchains. In Tassat’s ecosystem, once you tokenize an asset and agree to exchange it, settle each leg of the transaction through a secure Delivery versus Payment (DvP) or Payment versus Payment (PvP) settlement platform.

Solve the "who goes first" problem and eliminate Herstatt risk.

  • Settle Trades

    Pay / receive funds with full principal protection

  • Trade Management

    Submit completed but unsettled trades and optimize through netting

  • Oversight

    Monitor settlement process and verify escrow status at any time

Platform Benefits


Monitor status and settle each transaction through an api or an intuitive user interface


Ability to aggregate trade activity and reduce capital requirements as a result of bilateral or multilateral netting


Through revolutionary on-chain DvP and PvP technology

How the Settlement Process Works